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Stop EU surveillance funding

As is well known in the context of INDECT, the EU research framework programmes are a complete failure with regard to ensuring compliance with human rights of the research that is being funded. The EU is currently negotiating the next framework programme („Horizon 2020″).

I propose the following:

1) Consultative bodies should no longer comprise representatives of agencies, science and industry only, but should be made up of just as many MEPs of all parties, criminologists, representatives of associations for victim rights and representatives of civil liberty NGOs.

2) Decisions on funding projects should not be taken before the Fundamental Rights Agency has publicly examined the impact of each proposal on our fundamental rights and its compatibility with human rights.

3) The development of surveillance, monitoring and control technology must be excluded from EU funding programmes. Instead security research must be extended to all options to prevent crime, accidents and disaster. The programme needs to comprise an independent evaluation of the effectiveness, cost, undesirable side-effects of and alternatives to any security technology. It should also address options to increase public security awareness and to reduce excessive fear of crime.

More information is available in German [1].